5 Ways Hot Tubs Can Help With Lyme Disease Symptoms

The first few weeks of a Lyme disease diagnosis can be filled with a lot of pain and symptoms that go through your whole body. The disease itself is often treated with antibiotics, but there are other ways to help ease the common pains and symptoms associated with Lyme disease. There are many ways a home spa can help with these symptoms. If you've been diagnosed with Lyme disease, learn how the hot tub can help on a daily basis and make a big difference with your treatment and healing.

Lyme Disease Rashes

One of the first symptoms you will likely receive from Lyme disease is a large rash. This rash normally looks like a bulls eye and is typically located near the sight of the initial tick bite. To help heal the skin and minimize the effects of the rash, you can soak your body in the hot tub. The natural salts in the water and cleaning chemicals can help the rash heal, eliminate itchiness, and remove some of the dark colorization.

Joint Pain

Lyme disease is known to attack the joints in your body. This can make it hard to move your legs, and especially your knees. When your body is immersed inside a hot tub, it will be easier to move your joints through the warm water. This allows you to stretch your legs and get some exercises without the constant pain that comes with it. For example, you can use the hot tub to complete some leg lifts. The extra exercise will help your body retain it's shape and flexibility while going through Lyme disease treatment.

The hot water in the spa will also help relax the joints. Multiple seating positions available in hot tub models will make it easy to adjust to something that is comfortable for your joint pains.

Muscle Relaxation

Along with joint pain, muscles can be extremely painful when dealing with Lyme disease. You can go through a full muscle treatment by using a hot tub. High powered jets can massage and relax muscles over your whole body. Adjust the jets to focus on specific areas.

Some hot tub models feature different types of jets to help with your muscle pains. This includes constant jets, pulsating jets, or soft bubble jets. Play with the settings to find a combination that offers optimal relaxation for your muscles.


The daily problems associated with Lyme disease can feel like a roller coaster. One day you could have a high fever while the next day you're going through constant chills. A hot tub offers a natural way to soothe your chills and relax as much as possible. The warm water can soak your body, regulate the temperature, and offer instant satisfaction during the day.

If the chills come and go, it's easy to hop to into a hot tub that you own as often as possible.


Lyme disease can bring your body extreme fatigue. During the day, you may want to relax and rest as much as possible. With a friend or spouse, a hot tub is a great place to nap and help ease the senses of fatigue. Instead of tossing and turning on a bed, a hot tub offers multiple positions of relaxation and different head rests to choose from. Just make sure you don't stay in for too long, as that can negatively affect your body, and never fall asleep in the hot tube when you're alone. 

A number of hot tub upgrades can also enhance the relaxation and allow you to get as fully rested as possible. Mood lighting offers different colored lights that can illuminate the water. A built-in music player can play relaxing music from an MP3 player or through local radio stations. Cascading waterfall jets can create a natural sound as water pours through a small opening.

The natural help from a hot tub can go a long way in assisting your symptoms and getting through Lyme disease. Once the symptoms have subsided, a hot tub can be used for continued relaxation and enjoyment.

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