Why Your Swimming Pool Is Leaking And What To Do About It

If your inground swimming pool has developed a leak, then it is important that you figure out the location. Your pool could have a leaking drain, a crack in the concrete, or a broken underground pipe. Regardless of the location where your swimming pool is leaking, you need to fix the problem before all of the leaked water causes secondary damage to your home's foundation, concrete patio, or underground septic tank.

Here is some information on each of the three most common places that underground swimming pools leak and how each situation is rectified:

The Swimming Pool Leaks from the Bottom Drain

If your swimming pool is leaking water from its bottom drain, then sometimes you can reset the drain cover and restart the pump and this will solve the problem. 

Turn off your pump and if the weather allows, swim down to the drain cover and remove it. Inspect the cover for damage, and as long as it is okay, then replace it over the drain. Turn back on the pump and watch your pool's water level for a couple of days to see if it is still leaking water.

The Swimming Pool Leaks from a Concrete Crack

Even a small hairline crack in your swimming pool's concrete liner will leak a lot of water over the course of a week. One of the first things you should do if you notice the water level in your pool is dropping too fast is to swim around the entire interior of your pool and look for cracks. Wear a pair of high-quality goggles so you will be able to see well. 

If you find any cracks in your pool's concrete liner, then you can either purchase some crack filling compound at your local pool supply store and fix it or have the swimming pool's surface professionally repaired.

The Swimming Pool Leaks from a Broken Underground Pipe

Finally, if there is a pipe used by your pool's filtration system that breaks underground, then this will cause the water level in your pool to consistently drop. If the bottom drain is not leaking and there are no cracks in your pool's concrete, then you should suspect an underground pipe is the problem. Underground pipes must be professionally repaired as soon as possible because all of the extra water can collect near your home's foundation or under your concrete slab patio and can lead to very expensive damage.

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