Three Reasons To Consider A Custom Pool Design For Your Backyard

If you are considering having a pool installed in your backyard, you can have a pool contractor give you an estimate for a typical pool that is found in houses with backyards similar to your own, but there is an alternative. You can have a custom pool designed for your property. There are many advantages to this. The following are among the most important:

Custom pools can maximize your existing space

Often contractors will have a handful of pool designs that they use for each home, but the best one among these for your yard may still be inefficient for the available space in your yard. A custom pool can be a pool that is a shape that is specifically made for your yard, so it may not be a rectangular or oval shape that is so typically found in homes. Using your available space efficiently can mean a larger pool for your home.

A custom pool can include a custom spa

A designer can include a spa with any custom designed pool, so there is no reason to set aside the idea of a spa until later, and then have a separate spa installed. When this is done, you may end up with only an above ground option with the space you have left. It is possible that you may not have room left for a spa at all. A custom pool design can include the spa option from the beginning. You can choose the location for your spa as well as its size. Trade-offs between the pool size and spa size are easily made with a custom design.

Custom pool designs incorporate patio designs

A custom design is not just for the pool and spa but also for the surrounding area. It includes materials for decorative effects such as tiles and masonry structures around the pool. Examples include bricks, large rocks and various constructed objects made to look like things found in nature, even a waterfall can be included in a custom design. Patio surfaces surrounding the pool can be constructed from various concrete, composite materials or cobblestone. Naturally, these are made in various colors and patterns to create a unique finished product for your home.

The number of possible pool designs is unlimited when you are looking for a custom built pool for your backyard. The best thing for you to do is find a pool contractor that specializes in custom pools and look at their portfolio to find something that appeals to you. You can then have the contractor visit your property to see how best to create something similar for your specific property.