Three Ways To Create A Cyberpunk Backyard Patio For Throwing The Ultimate Sci-Fi Shindigs

In addition to its philosophical themes and noir-esque characters, cyberpunk art is known for its unique visual aesthetic. Industrial landscapes, high-tech ghettos, and ample neon lighting are all staples of the genre. If you and your friends are cyberpunk aficionados, there are a few easy ways you can decorate your outdoor space with a cyberpunk vibe so that you can throw unique science fiction-themed parties.

Get Some Industrial-Looking Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a necessity when it comes to throwing backyard shindigs. It gives your guests a place to relax while discussing all of their favorite sci-fi subject matter. It's also great to shop for new patio furniture in the winter. Since most people don't renovate their patios until spring or summer, you can find some great deals during the cold months.

Choose a furniture design that will compliment your cyberpunk aesthetic. Something with a stark, industrial metal design will look way more appropriate than furniture with flowery summer-themed accents. 

LED Lights Everywhere

One of the staples of the cyberpunk aesthetic is bright neon accents. To capture that look, decorate your patio as much as possible with LED string lights.

First of all, attach string lights to the outer edges of your new patio furniture using zip ties. That will make your guests feel like they're sitting in futuristic cockpits or computer terminals while they're enjoying your party. String up LED lights on the uprights of your porch, deck, or awning so that your patio glows neon like a futuristic cyberpunk city. If you have a pool, you can also get waterproof LED lights so that the water dances in neon colors, making the perfect cyberpunk backdrop for a shindig.

Tag Your Fire Pit with Graffiti

A fire pit is the perfect centerpiece for backyard parties. It gives your guests a place to congregate and cook up their own party foods, like s'mores and hotdogs. Just as with patio furniture, winter is a great time to find discounted fire pits online and at local department stores.

However, a generic fire pit isn't adequate to compliment your patio's cyberpunk vibe. Give your fire pit the look of an industrial ghetto by spray painting it with graffiti. Use bright neon colors: they'll add to your cyberpunk aesthetic and they'll pop out in the dark with a bonfire reflecting off of them.

If you're not skilled with a spray paint can, look up cyberpunk-related stencils online and print them off. Use a razor to cut them out, then tape them to your fire pit and spray away. Make sure you use some kind of heat-resistant paint, otherwise your graffiti might melt away by the end of your first shindig.

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