Pool Maintenance Hacks To Help You Get Through The Summer

If you have a pool on your property, you are likely looking forward to lots of fun days ahead this summer. That said, if you want your pool to actually make it through all of those fun times without developing any significant issues, you will want to keep up with some regular pool maintenance tasks. To that end, here are a few pool maintenance hacks to help you get started.

Baking Soda Can Do the Same Job as Some Chemicals 

Every pool owner likely has a good supply of pool chemicals on hand if they want to keep the water balanced at the correct levels all summer long. But if you are looking to save some money or just need a quick fix and don't want to run to the pool supply store, you might be able to tackle your chemical problem with something in your kitchen pantry. Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, which is the substance used to control alkalinity in a pool. Even better is the fact that baking soda has the same sodium bicarbonate concentration per pound as those professionally mixed chemicals, so you can just add the same amount to the water and the problem will be solved.

Soak Up Oil with a Tennis Ball

If you go to your neighbor's pool and see a few tennis balls in the water, it's likely not because they're trying to get a match going right there in the pool. Tennis balls are great at soaking up the exact kind of oils that you don't want to get into your pool's filter system. For example, the residue left over from hair products, suntan lotions, and even the oil from your own skin will get sucked up by the tennis ball and keep your filter system cleaner than ever.

Let a Professional Handle It

But perhaps the best "hack" you can perform on your pool this summer if you want to get things done efficiently is to let a company specializing in pool maintenance services handle everything for you. By scheduling a regular appointment for a little maintenance help, you can rest easy and just enjoy your pool, knowing that an expert will ensure that it stays in good condition all summer long.

Using baking soda instead of expensive pool chemicals can help save you some cash, and a spare tennis ball or two can help keep your water clean, and your filter's running smoothly. For more information, check out a website like roundrockpoolpros.com.