Choose A Swim-Up Bar To Give Your Pool A Resort-Like Vibe

For people who visit resorts, there are few attractions that can be more appealing than the swim-up bar. Being able to glide through the water and grab a drink without having to towel off is a sure sign of luxury — but it's not something that has to be exclusive to swanky getaways. If you've hired a pool company to install an inground pool in your yard, assessing the features that you want to have can be one of the most fun parts of the experience. Many pool companies have experience adding swim-up bars to residential pools, so talk to your company to ensure that your bar has these features.

Built-In Seating

While it's certainly possible to stand at a swim-up bar and enjoy a drink, it's nice to be able to sit when you wish. The best swim-up bars have seating, so talk to your pool company about what it can offer. Generally, it makes sense to have seats that are built into the pool, rather than temporary. For example, your pool company might construct a series of stool-style seats and cover them in small tiles to match the overall look of the pool. These seats will be a popular spot for your family and your guests at pool parties.

Overhead Shelter

When someone wants to take a break in the pool for a drink, he or she will generally not want to sit in the full sun. At resorts, swim-up bars typically have some type of overhead shelter, so you'll want to talk to your pool company about some different shelter options. Pool companies often work on structures around the pool, rather than just the pool itself, so your company may recommend a structure that consists of a few posts that rise up from the bar and support a roof.

Nearby Fountains

Fountains are another feature to think about adding around your inground pool's swim-up bar. This feature adds visual appeal, but it's also functional. For example, noise from the bar — the sound of the blender when someone is making drinks and the clink of cutlery and serving vessels — can be loud. Those who are swimming in your pool might not want to hear these sounds. When you have a couple of fountains positioned on the outer edges of the bar area, the sound of water running can help to muffle out the sounds that are coming from the bar.