Giving Your Pool Area Safety Features With An Elegant Custom Fence Design

One of the best ways to add safety to your pool area is with the addition of a fence. You want a fence that is attractive and functional. Today, there are many options for pool fences that add custom features to your property. You may want to have ornamental fencing with features that add privacy to the outdoor spaces. You also want to have gates with all the right safety features. The following pool fence design ideas will help you add safety to your property:

Contemporary Pool Fence Designs

If you want a custom pool fence with integrated features, more modern styles are great options. The contemporary pool fence design ideas you may want to consider for your home include:

  • Abstract designs with vertical fence pillars
  • Contemporary stone designs with integrated features
  • Contemporary metal and glass fencing for unique designs

These are contemporary pool fence design ideas that you will want to consider for your home. You can also use these designs with some of the more conventional materials like ornamental metal fencing.

Conventional Wood Privacy Fencing

A wood privacy fence is another feature that you will want to consider for your home. There are options and features to consider for the wood pool fence design. Such features include:

  • Tropical lumber and composites for water-resistant fencing
  • Vertical garden and storage features integrated into wood fence designs
  • Arbors and additional transom features to add privacy to fencing where needed

These are the design features to consider for your wood pool fence. You may want to keep the fence line farther away from the pool if you are using wood materials.  

Custom Ornamental Metal Pool Fences

Ornamental metal materials are the most common type of pool fencing. These materials are affordable and can be installed quickly. Metal fencing provides your pool with the safety it needs. There are also features and custom details that can be added to the metal pool fence, which include:

  • Decorative custom metalwork details
  • Metal arbor features for gate entrances
  • Paneling or wood to add privacy where it is needed

These are additional custom features that can be added to your metal pool fence. You want to make sure that the gate has the appropriate safety latch to allow you to keep your pool areas secure

These are pool fence designs that provide your property with custom features and the safety you want. Contact a pool fence service for more information.