Planning A Pool? 4 Safety Features You Can’t Afford To Do Without

If you plan to build an in-ground swimming pool in your yard this year, you also need to plan for safety. When you sit down to discuss pool plans with your contractor,  be sure to include the following four safety measures. These steps will help to keep you, your family, and your guests safe. 

Fence It In

Now that you're planning for the safety of your swimming pool, the first thing you need to do is choose the fence. Fencing is the first line of defense for pool safety. If you don't have young children, you might not think that you need a fence, but that's not the case. You never know when your guests will have young children, or when a child will wander into your yard. When you enclose your swimming pool with a security fence, you can help to prevent accidents. 

Sound It Out

Once you've chosen the best security fence for your swimming pool, you'll also need to choose an alarm system. Alarms help to take pool security to the next level. There are a couple of different types of alarms to consider. First, there's the entry alarms. These alarms can be installed on entry points such as fence gates and back doors. These alarms sound when someone opens those specific doors. Next, there's the actual pool alarm. These alarms float on the surface of the water. These alarms will sound when still water is disrupted, such as when someone falls into the pool. Each pool alarm works well on its own. However, they're most effective when paired together. 

Cover It Up

If you want your pool safety to do double-duty, you need to consider a security cover. These covers are designed to close securely when your pool is not in use. Rigid covers are designed to withstand the weight of a person, which means you can walk on the cover without falling into the pool. In addition to providing safety and security for your in-ground pool, these covers also help to keep the water clean, which means your maintenance time will be reduced. 

Light It Up

Finally, if you want to ensure maximum pool safety, don't forget about the lighting. Backyard lighting helps to prevent trip and fall accidents, which can lead to accidents. Not only that, but backyard lighting allows you to keep an eye on those late-night swimmers.

For more information about inground swimming pools and safety features, contact a local pool contractor.