Hiring A Contractor To Create A Natural Design For Your New Swimming Pool

If you want to build a pool for your home before summer, there are a lot of things to consider about its design. Today, the filtration of pools can also be natural systems for a chemical-free design. If you want to have a natural pool built, now is the time to start working with a contractor. The following information will help you design a natural pool for your home before summer:

Designing the Swimming Areas

The swimming areas of your pool are where you will want to start planning your project. You will want to decide if you want to have a traditional pool design with conventional materials or a more natural pond-like appearance. If you want the pool to look natural, you will need to separate filtering features from the main swimming area. You will also need to plan the area with natural-looking water features that work like inlets. This is where the filtered water goes back to the swimming area.

Integrating Filtration Into Landscaping Design

One of the benefits of building a natural pool is that the filtration system features can be integrated into your home's landscaping design. The different ways that filtration systems can be integrated into your landscaping include:

  • Aquatic gardens with plants
  • Fish ponds with plants
  • Dry riverbeds with filtration materials and plants
  • Water features like streams with various filtering features

The features like aquatic gardens and riverbed areas can include unique plant features that enhance the appearance of your landscaping. You can also add features like ponds with fish and animal life to help create a complete ecosystem for the design of your pool.

Pool Equipment and Energy Systems for Natural Filtration

There are also different options to consider for the pool equipment that needs to be installed with a natural filtration design. Equipment options that you will want to consider for the filtration and energy systems of your natural pool design include:

  • Larger skimmers to remove surface debris
  • Outlets from water features connected to the filtration system
  • High-pressure pumps that circulate water through the filtering systems
  • Solar-powered energy solutions for the pumps and other equipment

The energy systems of a natural pool can also include solar panels that power equipment like pumps. This will help make your pool greener and more environmentally-friendly. It will also reduce maintenance costs to keep your pool open.

Extras to Have Added to the Natural Pool Design

When you are adding a natural pool to your home, there may also be extra features that you want to add. These features include:

  • Waterfalls with attractive rock features
  • Hot tubs connected to the swimming area
  • Hidden grotto areas for relaxation and privacy

Some of the extra features you choose to add to your natural pool's design will also require more equipment. If you add a hot tub, you may want to add solar water heaters to make the system more efficient. If you are adding water features, you may want to install additional high-pressure water pumps for different elements of the design.

The natural filtration system of your new pool can be inconspicuous and integrated into your landscaping. A pool contractor can advise you when you are planning the natural design, to get your project completed before summer.