Why a Freeform Custom Pool Is Ideal

One of the earliest things to discuss when you hire a builder to design a luxury pool for your yard is what shape you want. While conventional swimming pools are often rectangular or circular, going the custom route allows you to consider other shapes. For many people, a freeform pool offers a luxurious feel, regardless of its size. This term describes a pool that has curved edges, and you'll typically be able to decide exactly how curvy the pool will look. Here are some reasons that choosing a freeform pool can be a good decision.

It Gives Your Yard a Softer Look

Curved elements tend to have a softer appearance than straight lines and corners, which means that a freeform swimming pool can help to create visual softness in your yard. While a lot of people like rectangular pools, you might simply feel that this shape doesn't work well in your yard. If you've landscaped your yard in a natural style with curved gardens, winding stone walkways, and other similar high-end elements, a freeform pool will suit the look of this space better than something with a conventional shape.

It Allows You to Work Around Obstacles

Another reason that a freeform custom pool can be a good choice is that it allows you to work around specific obstacles in your yard that you want to keep. For example, if you have a large tree in your yard that you don't want to cut down in preparation for getting a swimming pool, opting for the freeform shape may allow you to curve the pool around the tree to some degree. This isn't something that would likely be possible if you were to choose a rectangular pool. Freeform pools are ideal for fitting into your existing space, rather than dramatically altering the space to accommodate the pool.

It Allows for Specific Sections

One fun thing about choosing the freeform design is that doing so allows you to create specific sections of the pool. For example, if you expect that you'll set up a basketball net at the edge of the pool for people to play, you can design the freeform pool with this in mind. The pool could have a large, circular bulge where the basketball games will occur, which will help to contain these games so that other people can enjoy the pool in other ways—including swimming back and forth. With a rectangular shape, people using the pool in different ways can often get in the way of each other.

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