5 Factors That Will Impact the Cost of Pool Services

If you have a pool that you want to get help taking care of, you will want to hire a service that can take care of all of your service needs. When it comes to hiring a pool service, the following factors can impact the cost of their services. Read on to learn more. 

Factor #1: Size

One of the most significant factors that will impact what you pay is the size of your pool. The size will dictate the number of chemicals used to keep it clean and safe and the labor time required to take care of it. Basically, the bigger it is, the more you should expect to pay for someone else to take care of it.

Factor #2: Style

Next, the style of pool that you have will impact the costs to take care of it. The supplies needed to take care of a natural, saltwater, or chlorine setup will be different, so the style that you have will significantly impact what it costs you to take care of it.

Factor #3: Location

Third, where your pool is located will factor into the cost in different ways. If it is near trees, where lots of debris will get into the pool, you may be charged more than if it is located out in the open and doesn't get very much debris in it. If your pool is located in an area that gets a lot of rainfall, that can also drive up your service costs.

Additionally, how far your house is from the pool service area you want to work with can impact costs. Some services will charge you more if you are further from their core service area.

Factor #4: Usage

Fourth, how much you use your pool will impact how often it needs to be serviced. If you use it daily, it will need more service to keep it clean and functional compared to one that is only used twice a month.

Factor #5: Water Features

Finally, if you have additional water features, each feature will add to the cost to care for the pool. For example, if you have a waterfall, water fountain, or spa attached to your pool, that will increase what you are charged for taking care of your entire set-up.

A pool contractor can balance the chemicals, keep the pool clean, keep the water level correct, and take care of all of your equipment. How much you will be charged depends on the size and type of pool you have, how much you use it, as well as environmental factors. Any additional water features that they have to maintain will also add to the cost.