Signs To Repair Your Pool Equipment

Pool equipment such as pumps helps your pool function accordingly. However, regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your pool equipment is in good condition at all times. One important maintenance practice is pool repair. Over time, your pool equipment may wear down, resulting in damages such as breakage or blockage, calling for professional repair. But, you may not know when to perform the repairs. Here are signs that you need pool equipment repair services.

Water Heating Delays

Water heaters provide you with warm pool water during the night or cold seasons. Depending on the specifications, your heater may take a few minutes before heating the water in the entire pool. However, if the water takes unusually long to heat, your heater may be faulty. Pool equipment repair services can inspect your heating systems, identify the underlying issues, and fix them. In return, you can enjoy swimming in a warm pool whenever you like.

Unusual Noises

Your pool equipment may produce quiet noises when operating, which shouldn't be a concern. However, look out for loud and weird noises, as they indicate problems. For instance, the screeching of your water pump may indicate corrosion of some parts. Additionally, banging sounds signify loose or broken parts beating against other components. A humming noise may mean that the capacitor is overheated. Pool equipment repair services can perform instant repairs if your equipment produces weird sounds.

Low Water Levels

Your pool's pump maintains a constant water level in the pool by pumping in fresh water and pushing water from the pool through the filtration system for purification. Hence, if the water levels in your pool drop, the pump impeller could be blocked by debris. Pool equipment repair services can unclog the impeller allowing the pump to work effectively and maintain the correct water level.

Dirty Water

Your pool filter system eliminates dirt and debris from the water. Therefore, if your pool water is dirty, this means that your filtration system is not working correctly. Remember that dirty water can turn off pool users and risk their health. In this regard, pool equipment repair services can unclog your pool's filters as they may be clogged. This helps restore your filtration system's function, ensuring a clean water supply.

The common signs you require pool equipment repair include water heating delays, low water levels, unusual noises, and dirty water. Consider hiring pool equipment repair services when you see these indicators.

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