Hot Tub or Spa Repair Services That You Might Need

If you have your own hot tub or spa, you may need to schedule repair services for it so that you can enjoy your personal pool of warm, bubbly water to the fullest. Some repairs can be performed by simply replacing certain parts that are no longer working as they should. Regardless of the scope of your repair service, pool contractors who have all the necessary tools can fix these and other problems that could make your hot tub or spa inoperable.

Non-Working Jets

Fixing a jet that has stopped working is one of the most common hot tub or spa repair needs. A non-working jet won't be able to emit the powerful water stream that's needed to make the water inside your hot tub or spa bubbly. A calcium buildup inside a pipe that feeds water to the jet might be the cause of the problem, or an air pocket somewhere inside the system could be to blame. Hot tub and spa repair professionals can inspect the jet and its attachments carefully to find out why exactly your jet is no longer working so that the proper repair work can be done.


A leaking hot tub or spa could cost you a lot of money in wasted water and energy if the problem isn't fixed soon. Your hot tub or spa may be leaking because of a pump problem or an issue with a jet body. The acrylic spa shell may have also cracked and is now allowing water to leak through it. If leaks are coming from any of the PVC parts or tubes, they'll need to be repaired as quickly as possible to stop more water loss. 

No Warm Water

Cold water inside your spa or hot tub could ruin your relaxation time, and pool contractors can look for different problems that are preventing you from getting warm water. Poor water flow is often the culprit behind temperature problems, or there could be a fuse or circuit breaker problem that's keeping the water cold. Service professionals can also check to see if there are any problems with the thermostat, filter, or heater contactor.

Cloudy Water

A filtration system that's worn or damaged won't be able to filter out the dirt and other debris particles from the water as effectively, which can result in cloudy water inside your spa or hot tub. Problems with the pump can also lead to cloudy water. Air that is inside the pipes can additionally make the water cloudy, and any persistent air buildups could eventually clog the pipes completely and prevent water from running through them if the underlying cause isn't addressed.

You deserve to have a hot tub or spa that works correctly every time you want to relax in it after a long day or enjoy a nice soaking session with your friends. Hot tub and spa repair specialists are ready to fix any problems that you're experiencing and may be able to prevent these issues from ever recurring.