Three Traits Of A Sports Bottom In-Ground Pool

When homeowners are in the early stages of working with a local pool company to design and install an in-ground pool in their backyard, they often begin by thinking about the size and shape of the pool. There's no question that these two topics are important to consider, as you want the finished product to offer the size you need and also look right in your backyard. There are other things to discuss, however, before you sign off on the project. Another detail to consider is how you want the bottom of the pool to look. There are many available options, including the popular sports bottom. Here are three traits of a sports bottom in-ground pool.

Two Shallow Ends

When you think of an in-ground pool that has a shallow area and a deep area, you almost certainly think of the traditional design of a shallow end and a deep end. A sports bottom pool is slightly different. It has shallow areas at both ends. There are lots of reasons that people find this bottom design appealing. With two shallow ends, there's lots of space for people to hang out. During a pool party, you might elect to have young kids playing at one shallow end and adults standing and conversing at the other shallow end.

Deep Center

Sports bottom pools have a deep center situated between the two shallow ends. This is an ideal place for all sorts of water sports. For example, people who enjoy water polo, water basketball, and water volleyball can play these games in the center of the pool and not have to worry about encountering shallow conditions as they swim. Many pool companies allow you to customize how deep your sports bottom pool will be.

Sloped Transitions

In a sports bottom pool, the transitions between the two shallow ends and the deep center of the pool are sloped. Many people prefer a sloped section over a ledge, as the slope allows for a gradual transition between the two levels of water. You generally have the choice of how sloped you want these areas to be. Some people might favor a very gentle slope if they plan to have a big pool, while others may want a steeper slope. If you're interested in a sports bottom inground swimming pool, share this idea with your local pool company to see examples of sports bottom pools that it has built in the past.