Preparing For New Custom Pool Construction

A new inground pool can increase the value of your home by 7%. Combined with the added fun for you and your family, new pool construction can make sense for you. To get the most out of your new custom pool, you'll need to plan in advance. Follow these tips for preparing for a new custom pool construction

Stay Up to Code

Your local municipality has detailed requirements regarding installing a new pool. Some of these laws involve fencing, the area around the pool, and water usage. You should learn your local building laws in order to manage your expectations. It can change the place you plan to place your pool or other details.

Establish Your Budget 

The average cost to install a new inground pool comes to $57.938, but the cost can be significantly higher or lower based on your choices. You likely won't get the full investment back when you sell the home. The greatest return will be the fun you have with your family. Additionally, you'll need to pay for maintenance and additional insurance. Inexpensive pools can actually decrease the property value, so it's best to commit to the new installation. 

Choose the Shape and Size of Your Pool 

Two of the most common shapes of pools are circular and rectangular. However, you don't need to feel limited to two options. You can create a custom pool with a completely unique shape that best compliments the space available on your property. You'll also pick the size of the pool based on the size of the space available to you. Some properties have spatial limitations, while others don't. Naturally, the larger the pool, the more you'll pay. This applies to depth, as well. 

Pick Additional Features

Depending on your style and your needs, there is a wide range of pool add-ons to consider. For something serene, you can add a waterfall or a fountain. You may even want to include a pool bar to make it easy for you and your guests to enjoy drinks in the pool. You can also isolate one part of the pool to be a hot tub or a spa with jets and bubblers. You'll definitely want to consider a digital control panel to make it easy to monitor and control the pool, with access to the water temperature and water quality. 

Talk to your local pool contractor to get a quote for your new pool construction today.