Our Pool Was A Great Investment

Three Reasons To Consider A Custom Pool Design For Your Backyard

If you are considering having a pool installed in your backyard, you can have a pool contractor give you an estimate for a typical pool that is found in houses with backyards similar to your own, but there is an alternative. You can have a custom pool designed for your property. There are many advantages to this. The following are among the most important: Custom pools can maximize your existing space Read More 

Why Your Swimming Pool Is Leaking And What To Do About It

If your inground swimming pool has developed a leak, then it is important that you figure out the location. Your pool could have a leaking drain, a crack in the concrete, or a broken underground pipe. Regardless of the location where your swimming pool is leaking, you need to fix the problem before all of the leaked water causes secondary damage to your home's foundation, concrete patio, or underground septic tank. Read More 

Simple Solutions To Clean And Maintain Your Swimming Pool

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the importance of cleaning and repairs. From replacing shingles on your roof to mowing your lawn, these tasks are necessary for your home's value, appeal, and function. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough time and energy into your pool. Considering a pool can offer a return on investment of 15 to 25 percent when you sell, ensuring it is clean and in good condition is essential for maximizing your profit. Read More 

5 Ways Hot Tubs Can Help With Lyme Disease Symptoms

The first few weeks of a Lyme disease diagnosis can be filled with a lot of pain and symptoms that go through your whole body. The disease itself is often treated with antibiotics, but there are other ways to help ease the common pains and symptoms associated with Lyme disease. There are many ways a home spa can help with these symptoms. If you've been diagnosed with Lyme disease, learn how the hot tub can help on a daily basis and make a big difference with your treatment and healing. Read More 

Doggie Paddle: Benefits A Backyard Pool Can Provide For Your Pet

When you think of building a pool in your back yard, you probably think about how nice it will be to be have your own private swimming space to beat the heat. However, pools are not just great for humans, they are also great dogs. Your backyard pool can provide your dog with a lot of benefits. You will just need to make sure you follow a few safety precautions to make sure you and your dog can both get the maximum use out of your pool. Read More